GMCCS provides the full range of surveying services to our clients across many industries. Our experience means we understand survey is one of the broad spectrum of services required for large scale projects and we take pride in working cooperatively with other consultants to ensure best for project results.

Our expert team can assist you
  • High precision control surveys for long distance projects – specifically long road alignments and pipelines
  • Large scale detail surveys
  • Construction set out with both GPS and Robotic Total Station
  • Pipeline Surveys (HDPE and Steel)
  • Volumetric surveys for earthworks and mining calculations
  • Cadastral surveys for boundary definition, lease and easement surveys
  • Hydrographic surveys using sonar and RTK GPS – useful in measuring existing storage facilities water bodies for capacity
  • Estimation calculations and plans for tendering
  • Machine Control GPS and Total Station
  • Modeling
  • Technical support
  • Recommendations
  • Exploration and drilling
  • UAV Aerial Mapping
  • Document control
  • Office calculations and support
  • Low, medium and high rise construction